7. Sleep Walking

Sleep Walking

This disorder is one where patients walk around whilst sleeping and in most cases will not remember it. This usually occurs if the person is sleep deprived, on certain medication\drugs, and febrile convulsions (fits or seizures).

Other Issues

In some cases a sleepwalker might leave the house, sit on the bed and stare into space, or even go out for a drive!


  • Sleep talking
  • Memory loss of sleep walking
  • Difficulty being woken up: (Waking up a sleep walker can cause brain damage, a shock, or even a heart attack).
  • Inappropriate Behavior (e.g. Urinating in closets or banging head against the wall.
  • Screaming or crying
  • Violence whilst sleeping (towards self and others)


If you are diagnosed with sleepwalking, your doctor may suggest changes to sleep routines or your sleep environment, as well as changes to your current medications or prescribe medications.

Typically, the underlying cause for sleepwalking is another sleep disorder (such as Sleep Apnea), and treating the underlying disorder addresses the sleepwalking disorder.